The Elder Scrolls Online - A Deeper Look Into Craglorn
Zenimax Online Studios recently announced the first large-scale update for The Elder Scrolls Online with the upcoming debut of the first Adventure Zone, Craglorn. With many players already conquering most of the PvE content there’s a huge craving for something a little deeper. Although the questing experience in ESO is an epic journey in itself, the more dedicated and experienced MMO gamers out there are craving for more traditional end-game content.

The stars that once blanketed the night sky have gone dark. The famous constellations of Tamriel have all but vanished, throwing Craglorn into turmoil. No lone adventurer is powerful enough to drive back the forces that threaten the region. You’ll need to muster all your strength and allies to tackle the challenges that will face you. Adventure Zones have been specifically designed for groups of veteran players, offering a variety of new threats and an extension on the games enthralling storyline.

Although only minor details have been revealed thus far, there’s more than enough to get the adventurers of Tamriel frothing at the mouth with excitement. Craglorn introduces a new questline in The Elder Scrolls Online, challenging players to unravel the mystery surrounding the constellations of the skies. Accompanying a main questline are a series of side-quests and other hidden activities, much like the maps already in the game. The core content available in Craglorn has been designed for groups of 4 players but there’s already concern surrounding the already rampant problems of bots and multi-boxers camping dungeon bosses. It’s unclear if Craglorn will feature open dungeons like other areas of Tamriel but if it does, this issue becomes a big concern.

The Adventure Zone is also home to another unique feature in The Elder Scrolls Online, Trials. These are akin to the end-game raid bosses from other MMORPG games, offering an intense combat situation in which the group must adapt and learn as they battle a boss capable of unleashing a devastating variety of abilities. The Celestial Mage boss has already been revealed but others will also arrive with the release of Craglorn. Trials also embodies a competitive element as a time limit is in play. Completing the Trial within an allotted time will earn your team entry onto the leaderboards however deaths among your group will decrease your chances of earning that coveted top spot and the rewards with it.

With new content comes new gear, but that’s obvious right? The developers haven’t released any details on the quality of this gear but the traditional approach to end-game MMO loot would suggest that it will be among the most powerful in the game.

If you want to discover more about Craglorn you can visit the new site dedicated to the first ever Adventure Mode here.

A gentle blend of cooperative PvE with competitive PvP and an decent selection of potential rewards. It seems the developers are hoping to offer a little something for everyone with the upcoming release of Craglorn.

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