The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation Guide
So you’ve chosen your race, what’s next? Check out the next installment of our Elder Scrolls Online character creation guide as we take an in-depth look at the classes and race combination possibilities in ESO.

Arguably your most important choice when creating your character is the class you choose. Although you can learn abilities from different skill lines, the class abilities make up the base archetype for your character. Whether you want to sit at the forefront of battle taking blows to your shield or remain in the distance dishing out damage spells, your class will make up those basic abilities.

There are currently 4 base classes available to all races in The Elder Scrolls Online and although each can fit into a typical MMORPG archetype, the other skill lines and trees offer a far more versatile approach to character progression. It is worth noting that class and race choice do not place limitations on the weapons and armor you can use although certain items and pieces of equipment are specifically tailored to certain classes – such as Medium Armor adding stat increases benefiting stealth characters.

Although character classes represent typical archetypes, the combination of abilities from other trees adds an entirely new element to the game. Instead of being an archer with traditional roots, mesmerize attacks and bow strikes, players can wield a bow on a mage and develop a class entirely of their own creation – so keep that in mind when creating your character. Now onto the classes.

The first class is the Templar. The traditional Templar abilities are akin to Paladin’s and other healing tanky archetypes from the MMO space. Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath, Restoring Light are the 3 paths available to the Templar, each offering a different take on magical, melee and tanking abilities. Aedric Spear is almost entirely damage based, giving players a variety of powerful magical attacks alongside a few stuns and crowd control options – a great choice for those looking to cause damage. Dawn’s Wrath is ideal for players looking for a tank like role but with a bit more difficulty involved, utilizing an exciting array of debuff abilities to weaken the bigger threats in large encounters. Finally, Restoring Light. This ability tree is almost entirely healing and buff spells, making it a great secondary tree for those looking to choose the Templar role.

Many assume that the Dragonknight is the main tanking option in the game, but that’s far from the truth. They’re able to dish out some of the biggest DPS in the game and can also spec to support as well. Their 3 class lines, Ardent Flame, Draconic Power and Earthen Heart are among the most versatile in the game. The 3 lines combined offer Dragonknights great close to mid range DPS while also offering defensive abilities, buffs and even a few quick heals.

The Sorcerer represents one of the more simpler paths of progression in Elder Scrolls Online. The primary magic class in the game has access to a wide variety of skills but unlike the other trees, they all focus around magical elements. Dark Magic, Daedric Summoning and Storm Calling provide a good balance of magical DPS, the summoning of Daedric minions, AoE damage with lightning attacks and plenty of crowd control to boot.

The final class and one that is likely to become incredibly popular in the battle for the throne, the Nightblade. This is the traditional thief archetype of today’s MMO titles, giving players plenty of options when it comes to striking from the shadows. The Assassination skill tree focuses entirely on dealing large amounts of damage in short bursts, but survivability is low. Siphoning is a great skill tree to compliment the first, giving players abilities to steal power, health and ability from their foes – greatly increasing the survivability of the class thus destroying the weakness of its primary skill tree. Finally, the skill tree of the Shadow. This ability line gives players all the tools they need to utilize stealth and backstab blows to their maximum potential.

Your choice of race will help support your progression during the earlier levels but it’s really the class that shapes your destiny in The Elder Scrolls Online. So what combination will you be using?

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