5 Reasons To Get You Excited For The Elder Scrolls Online
I began my journey with Camelot Post as a big Elder Scrolls Online skeptic but the regular release of information has totally changed my opinion. As I grow more excited for the April 4th release of The Elder Scrolls Online I decided to highlight some of the features I feel will appeal most to the MMO players of today and get you excited about The Elder Scrolls Online..

5. Become The Emperor

A feature that hasn’t really been sold to me as of yet but is increasingly popular among the MMO community, the ability to become the Emperor of all Tamriel. Not only will this unique role come with a staggering amount of bragging rights but players will also be given increased abilities in combat and unique armor only available to The Emperor himself.

Only a single player will have the honor of sitting on The Emperor’s throne but that’s only until an opposing Alliance sacks Cyrodiil and claims the throne as their own. Do you have the prowess in battle to raise above your allies and take the throne as your own? Only time will tell.

4. The World Of Tamriel

The world of Tamriel is arguably one of the most immersive game worlds ever seen in the industry. Decades of written story, experienced lore and delicately crafted characters come together to create a fictional place in which many dream to visit.

The average MMO game doesn’t provide the flood of nostalgia, that flood of memories that Tamriel has created since the first adventurers laid foot on the shores of Daggerfall. As you explore the world of The Elder Scrolls Online you will encounter characters you’ve met before, locations you’ve explored previously, and a whole aspect of Tamriel that you’ve never experienced.

Whenever you discuss the future of The Elder Scrolls with a fan, there’s always a single topic that pops up. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they would add every continent in Tamriel? Well, imagine no longer as the very nature of the MMO means players can expect to see new areas and races on a regular basis.

3. The Elder Scrolls But Online

Although some sacrifices will have to be made, the developers have already revealed many features that will be available in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online. This is not your typical fantasy MMO, this is the world of The Elder Scrolls but in a massively multiplayer settings.

The free approach to exploration and content, the variety of deadly enemies, the various factions imposing their will onto the political entities in the world of Tamriel, it’s all going to be making an appearance when The Elder Scrolls Online releases on April 4th.

2. The Story

Many players consider the freedom and depth of The Elder Scrolls franchise to be its defining aspects but for many players, it’s the story. Never before has a game engrossed so many gamers with its unique take on a fantasy world.

Each and every game adds to the depth and quality of Tamriel and those who inhabit it. Whether you’re climbing peaks to unlock new powers from a reclusive group or you’re stalking the shadows as you locate your target, every element of the story in The Elder Scrolls is delivered in near perfection. Let’s hope they deliver in such a way with The Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Massive Player Versus Player Battles

The Elder Scrolls Online embodies every element of PvP that players have come to love from popular titles such as Guild Wars 2, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning and various sandbox MMO games. Straight out of the box the game will support hundreds of players fighting it out for control in 3 way battles against opposing Alliance’s, all on-screen at the same time.
Couple this with complex mechanics involving the capturing of important objectives and the usage of powerful siege equipment and you’ve got the perfect recipe to create massive battles of truly epic proportions.

So do these features get you excited about The Elder Scrolls Online?


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