Would you buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key?
Another wave of beta invites were sent today and millions of disappointed Elder Scrolls fans scanned their spam inbox on all the accounts they signed up with. Come on, we all know you signed up more than once. A conversation sparked on a website I frequent posing the question, would you buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key? Buying, selling and trading early access to games is big business and there are a number of sites that serve this single purpose, but is it something you would consider doing?

The primary reason against doing so is that it’s usually against a games Terms of Service, and that tradition stays true with Elder Scrolls Online. If you buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key and you’re caught in the process the account will most likely be banned and your future in the game could come under question. So is it really worth it?

It all depends on the individuals personal interest in the game itself. I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fans and although I’m very skeptical about ESO, I cannot wait to play it. Would I buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key? No, I wouldn’t.

For one I feel it’s morally wrong to sell something that you’ve been given for free. Especially when it’s something under such huge demand. Every time Bethesda announce a new wave of invites I picture thousands of people instantly loading up their email and scouring through the “organ extension” spam to ensure they haven’t missed their invite. However, I can totally understand how other people would be more than willing to buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key.

It’s also worth noting that beta keys for Elder Scrolls Online aren’t the typical beta keys we’ve seen in most MMO games. They’re tied to the email address that registered the initial interest. Although this doesn’t pose many problems for organized sites that sell these keys, it’s a large reason for a lot of the scams circulating today.

The world of the MMO is a curious one. In terms of ridiculous purchases and over-the-top spending, it’s unrivaled in gaming. A couple of examples for you if you’re not aware of the potential pricing of virtual items. Party Hats, a highly popular item in the free-to-play MMO Runescape, were once a popular holiday item but after the drop was discontinued the item soared in price; now worth up to $2,000. An even more ludicrous example is that of an individual that purchased a weapon for the unreleased Age of Wushu. He spent over $16,000 on a sword for a game that wasn’t even available.

If people are willing to spend that much cash on a single item I could easily see people buying Elder Scrolls Online beta keys for $100. I’m not going to provide links or encourage people to break the ToS with Elder Scrolls Online but a simple search on a popular engine provides shocking results, instantly finding people willing to pay $50+ for access to the highly anticipated MMO.

As the beta continues and desperation continues to grow, people will do crazy things to gain access. I would like to throw out a friendly word of caution. Do not believe any sites that offer beta key generators or anything dodgy like that, any giveaways will go through highly reputable sources such as MMORPG.Com.

How long did you spend searching through your inbox after the latest wave of invites? If it was acceptable to buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key, how much would you be willing to spend? Leave a comment below.

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