Elder Scrolls Online My Final Hope
I’ve been playing MMO games for a little over 15 years now and as a new generation approaches I find myself left wanting. For too long have developers been attempting to clone the success of World of Warcraft, for too long have developers been concerned with appealing to the masses. I’ve reached a point in my MMO story where I expect no surprises, I expect no innovation and sadly I’m often proven right.

Not a week goes by where a developer claims their MMO is truly unique. Despite offering the exact same questing and combat experience as 500 MMORPG games. Having sampled so many of these MMORPG games, both for work and pleasure, I find myself repelled by the same issues and lackluster mechanics each and every time. So why do I expect The Elder Scrolls Online to be any different?

Well for one it’s my respect for Zenimax/Bethesda. I have been a hardcore Elder Scrolls fan since the conception of the series and I have never once been disappointed with any of the games. Even outside of that specific franchise Bethesda impress me time and time again. In an industry where developers and publishers are infamous for not giving a second thought to the consumers, a
respectful company is as rare as gold dust and Bethesda is at the top of that list for many players.

Secondly, it’s the iconic first-person approach used throughout The Elder Scrolls franchise. I realize the appeal to perspective is unique to the individual but personally I feel first-person gaming offers more immersion and more potential for skill-based mechanics. Sadly this aspect of the game was not available to sample at E3 and that could prove to be disastrous.

I’ve spoken with many journalists that attended the event and the majority came away with the same sour taste in their mouths. “It’s a typical MMO game, there’s nothing to be excited about”. A close friend attended E3 and he said that he actually stepped away from the game before his allotted time was up. If ESO was even remotely close to a true Elder Scrolls experience, I’d be kicked
out of the event by security before I chose to leave that chair.

Elder Scrolls Online – My Final Hope

My personal expectations for The Elder Scrolls Online change with every announcement and gameplay reveal but very few stories have had the negative impact I felt after that comment. I’m tired of the typical approach to MMORPG games. I’m tired of having to endure weeks of quest grind to reach the only aspect of the game that’s enjoyable and I’m tired of developers claiming innovation when all they truly offer is the same ingredients in a new recipe.

I have no doubt that The Elder Scrolls Online will be a solid MMORPG experience. However, I have serious concerns that it will fail to feel like an Elder Scrolls game. An Elder Scrolls game has never really featured any multiplayer aspects but I would be ecstatic to get a co-op or multiplayer Skyrim. However, Bethesda are constantly pushing the PvP and RvR at the fan base,
two features that have never been in place in previous titles. Will they sacrifice too much of the wonders that make the franchise great? Will The Elder Scrolls Online have enough of the franchise charm to appeal to those used to such a solo experience? Only time will tell for sure but after reading the opinions of those from E3, my hope is dwindling.

Help a fellow Elder Scrolls fan out! Post a comment below about the features you’re most excited about and help restore my faith in what could potentially be the best addition to the franchise.

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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1c0nflikt
    June 19, 2013 at 5:12 am #

    I could have wrote this exact article, the only place for innovation in the mmo genre is in the sandbox mmo. But none of the large companies want to put in the time, and develope the innovative sandbox mmo. And none of the smaller studios making them have the budget to develope a great title, and are instead pressured by investors to publish unfinished garbage.

    • Vote -1 Vote +1Camelot Post
      June 19, 2013 at 7:40 am #

      Great point c0nflikt. I tend to agree with you. Ultima Online was an amazing world because there was so much to do beyond the game portions. Second Life is an example of sandbox, but the problem I have with Second Life (other than the hypersexuality of the place) is that it isn’t fun because there is no real game to it.

      Second Life fans would argue that is the biggest selling point–it isn’t a game, but a virtual world. I get that, but I am forced to ask myself over and over and over again….what is the point? Such existential questions tend to pop up in life, but do I want to be forced to answer and create my own game experience during my recreational time? Give me an MMO game that is a virtual world with the complex nature of a world and the fun of a game’s purpose.

      Anyway, this comment is long enough. I’ll end by saying that I have hope for several MMOs coming out in the future. I think Star Citizen could become an interesting competitor to EVE Online. I think Elder Scrolls could be a very good game, but it remains to see how much control is left to each of us. Lastly, I am looking forward to Camelot Unchained and its totally crafter-made items and player-driven economy. I think this could become the biggest sandbox with players building structures, etc.

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