E3 is in full swing and Bethesda have released another juicy trailer for ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online New E3 trailer showcases some of the iconic features of the Elder Scrolls franchise including epic environments, deadly duels and large-scale combat. Accompanying the new trailer is confirmation for the release of Elder Scrolls Online on next-generation console platforms, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Outside of the console confirmation the trailer doesn’t really show us anything we weren’t already aware of. Players will be tasked with battling the forces of Oblivion as they once again threaten the inhabitants of Tamriel. It does show some first-person combat footage that includes a few new spells never-before seen in the Elder Scrolls franchise. One of the more interesting abilities sees the player launch a chain before pulling the enemy to within melee range, a great ability for singling out a certain enemy or removing an RvR player from the safety of his allies.

On a more disappointing note the video also pegged Spring 2014 as the release date, much later than a lot of fans were hoping for. Although it was more hope than realism to expect a 2012 release date, players are already in closed beta testing and we’re only mid-way through June. Although it’s disappointing, I think everyone would agree. I would much rather have to wait longer to experience the game than play sooner with an unfinished product.

So what do you think of The Elder Scrolls Online New E3 Trailer? Were you hoping to see a little more of the core combat game play? Now that the title has been confirmed on a multitude of platforms will you be adding The Elder Scrolls Online to your PC, PS4 or Xbox One collection?


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