The Elder Scrolls Online – A Deeper Look Into Craglorn

Zenimax Online Studios recently announced the first large-scale update for The Elder Scrolls Online with the upcoming debut of the first Adventure Zone, Craglorn. With many players already conquering most of the PvE content there’s a huge craving for something a little deeper. Although the questing experience in ESO is an epic journey in itself, […]

The Biggest Concerns In Elder Scrolls Online Voiced By The Community

Now that the dust has settled following the release of The Elder Scrolls Online the community is ripe with discussion surrounding potential new features and many of the Tamriel adventurers share the same ideas. Many of the iconic elements throughout the Elder Scrolls franchise have yet to see the light of day in the first […]

How To Become Vampires/Werewolves In ESO

With the official release of The Elder Scrolls Online thousands of players are searching for the answers to one simple question, how to become Vampires/Werewolves in ESO? Camelot Post has the answer. As with previous games in the Elder Scrolls franchise players must first contract a certain disease for the ability to become either a […]

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Veteran Content For ESO To Get An Elder Scrolls Makeover

One of the biggest problems with creating a community-based social experience from a traditionally single player franchise is bridging the gap between the desires of each type of player. That problem appears to have caused a bit of a ruckus within The Elder Scrolls Online community as many players feel they are being forced to […]

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What Zenimax Need To Avoid When Monetizing A Free-To-Play Elder Scrolls Online

It would be naive for me to assume The Elder Scrolls Online will retain a subscription model in coming years and although it’s not necessarily a sign of failure, the transition to a free-to-play Elder Scrolls Online is inevitable. The current financial expectations surrounding new MMO launches often results in players assuming the inevitable switch […]

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How Zenimax Can Safely Monetize A Free-To-Play Elder Scrolls Online

It’s not so much a matter of if but of when. Practically every pay-to-play MMO launched in recent years has eventually made the transition, logically it’s safe to assume a free-to-play Elder Scrolls Online is on the horizon, even if it’s just a tiny spec in the far distance. We’ve already discussed the concern surrounding […]

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A Deeper Look At The Elder Scrolls Online’s Veteran Dungeons

In the latest developer feature from Zenimax Online Studios, the team offers additional insight into one of the games most anticipated features, Veteran Dungeons. Developed to offer one of the most difficult PvE experiences in all of Tamriel, Veteran Dungeons are unique versions of original dungeons with tweaked difficult settings designed to challenge even the […]

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Zenimax Offer Further Details For Elder Scrolls Online Console Launch Delay

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to enjoy its time in the MMO spotlight but recent news surrounding the console release of Zenimax Online Studios’ Tamriel epic has seen many next-gen gamers left wanting. At the beginning of last month Zenimax Online Studios released a statement announcing the unavoidable launch delays for both the PlayStation 4 […]

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Latest Elder Scrolls Online Update & AMA Left Me Feeling Disappointed

Following E3′s exciting demonstration of an exclusive 3v3 PvP mode, Zenimax Online Studios have released a small update and a brand new Ask Me Anything column on the official website for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is world-famous for delivering the most intense gaming news year after year and with every developer […]

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Is 3v3 The Future Of The Elder Scrolls Online PvP?

While many of today’s top developers saved their biggest announcements for this years E3 Zenimax Online Studios had other things in mind for the critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online. During this years expo the developers decided to offer Elder Scrolls fan an entirely different experience to the one currently available in the […]

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Is The Elder Scrolls Online Going In The Right Direction?

Adventurers of Tamriel were recently treated to the expansive content introduced in the Craglorn update for The Elder Scrolls Online. Zenimax Online Studios have made a post on the website detailing the near future of The Elder Scrolls Online, the content they plan to add in the coming months, and their main concerns within the […]

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Camelot Unchained – The Chance Of Success Dwindling With Each Passing Day?

City State Entertainment captured the hearts of thousands when the spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot appeared on Kickstarter […]

Bots Continue To Plague The Elder Scrolls Online Community & Economy

Since the dawn of the MMO genre companies have existed to exploit the insecure economies for financial gain, quite often […]

The Future Of The Elder Scrolls Online

When it comes to the discussion of MMO’s, the future of Elder Scrolls Online seems to be a popular topic. […]

A Detailed Look At The Realms & Races Of Camelot Unchained

Camelot Unchained, a game that raised $2.2 million on Kickstarter, has one of the most extensive realm/race systems we’ve ever […]

Can The Elder Scrolls Online Survive The Launch Of WildStar?

NCSoft only recently launched the Early Access event for the highly anticipated WildStar but some critics are already suggesting it […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn – Was It Worth The Wait?

The first major update to Elder Scrolls Online was launched recently. Patch 1.1.2, or “Craglorn”, offers the chance to explore […]